About Keys Conference

California Corrections Association sponsors the Keys to Inmate Management Conference

The KEYS Conference is an annual gathering of Corrections personnel who recognize “Education is the Key” to professionalism in the field of Corrections. During the conference, managers, line personnel, civilian providers, program personnel, probation officers or other staff involved in the operation of detention facilities meet to learn from experts in the field, exchange information and broaden their knowledge in their field.

The Annual Keys Conference provides

Workshops and classes offer important practical information on how best to administer personnel and facilities. Opportunity for participants to network and discuss issues of common interest and engage in thought provoking dialog on the challenges of Corrections.

An Exhibit area for attendees to meet leading providers of corrections products and service. Numerous opportunities to enjoy great company, food, and entertainment.

Last year over 250+ attendees representing 53 agencies throughout the state attending this highly rated BOC supported Conference. Classes covering a diverse and wide range of subjects will be offered and participants have an opportunity to receive up to 24 hours of State Certified Training.

KEYS does not meet the industry standards, it sets them in the field of corrections training and education.

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive training and materials regarding current issues and challenges within the corrections profession. To provide the highest quality of services and information at the most efficient cost to the customer.